Past Repertoire

*Los Angeles Premiere
**West Coast Premiere
† World Premiere


Concert Works

Andrew Hamilton Music for People Who Like the Future (2010)
Austin Wintory Abzu (2016)
Carolyn Chen after persimmons (2012)
Fahad Siadat Hymn to Aethon (2015)

The Vast Sea (2017) †

A Name He Cannot Recall (2018) †

Joby Talbot The Wishing Tree (2002)
Katie Bamford Ecstasy (2016)
Karen Siegel Maskil of David (2014)
Meredith Monk Dolmen Music (1981)
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen Four Madrigals from the Natural World (2001)
Salamone Rossi The Songs of Solomon (1623)
Toby Twining Hee-oo-hm-ha (2012) **

Hymn (2013)


Theatrical Works

The Moon Has Made Us Brothers (2018) † Music & Libretto by Fahad Siadat
Directed by André Megerdichian
Co-produced with the Resonance Collective